Laser Procedures Reduce Pain

Laser Procedures Reduce Pain

Waterlase is a dental laser that some dentists are now using to perform numerous procedures.  It can be used in place of the drill in many cases.  

A dental drill is tough on a tooth.  Sometimes a large amount of the tooth is decayed and in removing that decay some of the good part of the tooth can get cracked by the drill.  Waterlase does not vibrate like the drill as it cuts, so it is much kinder to the tooth, and much more comfortable.

The needle that the dentist or hygienist uses to inject novocaine can be scary and a lot of people, children and adults alike, dread the prospect.  A laser treatment because of the way it removes decay often needs no anesthesia, so there is no numb lip afterwards.  If you do still need to be numb, we use The Wand computerized anesthesia system.  It is much more comfortable than old fashioned hand syringes.

Using the Waterlase also sterilizes the tooth as it removes decay, making your tooth less susceptible to sensitivity.  Just like all of our other instruments, the laser and its tips are sterilized prior to use.

Since many procedures can be performed without having to wait for an anesthetic to take affect, your dentist will have the time to repair more than one tooth if necessary. Also, you don’t have to worry about being numb in multiples areas of your mouth. The Waterlase not only saves you from discomfort, but can also save you from multiple dental visits as well!

The Dayspring Center for Laser Dentistry utilizes the Waterlase to make patients more comfortable and less apprehensive about treatments.  Visit their website @ www.dayspringlaserdentistry.com.

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