Laser Technology Has Eliminated The Dread Of Root Canal Therapy

Laser Technology Has Eliminated The Dread Of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy involves cleaning out the infection that has infiltrated the pulp of a tooth and disinfect the area to prevent subsequent reinfection.  

Patients have been known to panic when their dentist recommends a root canal procedure, but with the introduction of laser therapy that kind of fear may be a thing of the past.  Not only does the laser make having a root canal treatment much more comfortable it also cuts down on the amount of time a patient has to spend in the dental chair.

A laser is actually a highly intensified beam of light that in the case of root canal therapy is used by the dentist to destroy infection.  It has been found to do a more thorough job of destroying the bacteria than conventional methods have been able to accomplish.

A local anesthetic is used to make the patient very comfortable.  The main reason why root canals have a bad reputation is because of inadequate anesthesia.  When a patient is completely numb, a root canal is actually very boring.  No procedure causes Dr. Matt’s patients to fall asleep more than root canals!  Also, since the laser eliminates swelling and tenderness there is very little post treatment pain to cope with.

Lasers have totally transformed the way dentists perform root canal therapy.  Dayspring Laser Dentistry implements this technology every day.   A quote from Dr. Matt, “I wouldn’t picture doing a root canal without the laser…” illustrates his trust in this technology.  Call the office @ 856-875-8400.

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