Laser Dentistry Is Constantly Evolving

Laser Dentistry Is Constantly Evolving

Dental inlays and onlays are considered to be less invasive methods of tooth restoration than crowns are.   They have been shown to provide a patient with a longer lasting result and a better fit than a conventional filling.  One reason for this is that an onlay or inlay is fabricated in a dental laboratory and made to fit into the mold of the patient’s natural teeth and colored to match them.  The custom made restoration is then bonded to the affected tooth.  

The term “inlay” is used to describe a restoration that is placed inside the tooth while an “onlay” refers to one that covers the surface of the tooth.  Both have advantages over conventional fillings.  The one downside may be that the process will involve two visits to the dentist’s office – one to prepare the mold and the other to bond the restoration to the tooth.  But it is the best way to restore a severely broken or decayed tooth.

The self contained Waterlase dental laser system that is used by Dr. Matt and Dr. Kathy at Dayspring Laser Dentistry in Turnersville, N.J. assures that patients are protected from the risk of contamination.  All instruments are sterilized and the sterilization equipment is checked over periodically by an independent service.  They also administer anesthetics digitally for the most comfortable experience possible.  It’s a dental experience unlike any other!

Contact the Dayspring Center for Laser Dentistry @ 856-875-8400 to set up a consultation and find out if you are a candidate for laser treatment.

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