There’s A New Way To Treat Gum Disease

There’s A New Way To Treat Gum Disease

Gum disease may go unnoticed in its earliest stage because it is usually completely painless, but it does usually  present itself with red and swollen gums.  The gums may begin to recede and there may a reoccurrence of unexplained bad breath.

Periodontitis is an invasion of the bone structure that supports the teeth.  If it is allowed to advance the bone may deteriorate to the point that it can no longer support the tooth, and it becomes loose.  Typical treatment for this kind of gum disease usually means scraping and planing to remove the infection and the plaque that has built up around the roots of the teeth.  The surface of the roots are then smoothed  to discourage any more plaque from forming there.

This “deep cleaning” is normally done over two or more dental visits.  A local anesthetic will be used and depending on the level of infection, an antiseptic mouth rinse may be prescribed. If deep cleaning is not enough, gum surgery may be necessary

Laser treatment for periodontal disease is an innovative new tool in dentistry.  It is less invasive than gum surgery, and requires very little recovery time.  The laser beam targets the diseased tissue and bacteria and is less invasive so that the patient is much less likely to experience bleeding and discomfort after the procedure.

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