Laser Dentistry Continues To Advance

Laser Dentistry Continues To Advance

A laser beam is an intense light that is used to concentrate short wavelengths of light energy directly onto a specific target.  Lasers were introduced to the medical field in the sixties.  It was found that some lasers could cut tooth enamel, but the technology was not ready to be used on dental patients..  As technology advanced over the years laser dentistry became a reality, and in 1996 the first dental laser approved by the FDA for use on teeth was sold.  Lasers are now used for a variety of treatments in cutting edge dental offices worldwide.

Dentists who have trained in the field use hard tissue lasers to remove decay and prepare a tooth for filling or for root canal therapy, as well as a number of other conventional procedures.  Laser treatments have also been highly successful in healing gum infections associated  with periodontal disease.

There are many advantages to being able to apply laser technology to general dentistry practices.  One of the greatest benefits for patients is that it is now possible to not only forego the sound and tension brought about by the dental drill but also the “numbing up” part.  Dentists are performing many more procedures without the necessity for anesthesia, thanks to laser use.

Laser dentistry is gaining strides day by day and the number of procedures that it can be applied to are increasing as a result.  Dr. Matt and Dr. Kathy are members of a small group of forward-thinking dentists who put laser technology to use every day..  Dayspring Laser Dentistry will complete a thorough evaluation before recommending  any therapy.  Call 856-875-8400 in Washington Township, N.J and make an appointment for a consultation.

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