Is Dental Bonding Right For You?

Is Dental Bonding Right For You?

A composite resin is a compound mixture of glass and plastic that is used for some dental restorations.  It can be used to fill a tooth cavity or bonded to change the shape or color of an otherwise distorted tooth.

Many people research bonding online, and believe that it will improve their smile.  If you have done some research on your own and have come to the conclusion that bonding could work for your particular dental issue your next step should be to consult with your dental professional.  Your dentist will want to examine your teeth to determine if bonding is actually the best method of treatment in your case.

Before the actual process can begin your dentist will use a color chart to match the natural shade of your teeth.  If you desire a whiter shade to your teeth, that can be done as well.  Many people achieve a beautiful smile with a combination of whitening and then bonding select teeth.  The next step will be to coarsen and condition the smooth surface of the tooth to allow the bonding material to adhere to it.  After the resin has been worked into shape your dentist will cure it with a special light.  He will then finish the tooth and polish it to blend with your other teeth.

Today’s dental resins are very impervious to stains.  However, just like natural teeth can stain, so can your bonding.  Protect your restoration by avoiding certain foods or drinks such as red wine or coffee.  Tobacco is another no-no.

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