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I wish my teeth were whiter!

We are proud to use Ultradent Opalescence and Kor whitening products, which are well known in the dental field for their excellent results. Many of you have probably heard of “Zoom” whitening.

We do not use Zoom because they use a bleaching light which research shows is not necessary for the bleaching process to work. It’s simply a gimmick the company uses to make it appear that their system is different. They also charge dentists a lot of money for that light, which means they must charge more for the whitening. We base everything we do here on science and results, not gimmicks.

This is the “entry level” option most people are familiar with. It does work and gets your teeth whiter. There are two main disadvantages. The first is that you have to use it for several weeks to get a really white smile. The second is that it causes the most sensitivity of any tooth whitening system. This is because in order to transport it on non-refrigerated trucks and keep it on store shelves, it has to be made acidic so it doesn’t go bad. That acidity causes sensitivity. The products we use in the office are shipped refrigerated from the manufacturer and stored in the refrigerator, so they are non-acidic and cause very little sensitivity.


This is the first step in professional whitening. Trays are worn for approximately two weeks to whiten your teeth.


If you want your teeth the whitest they can be, we recommend using the take home whitening for about two weeks followed by an office whitening that takes about an hour and a half. This will get your teeth the whitest they can be.

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