Lip & Tongue Tie

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Signs & Symptoms in

Poor latch on the breast and/or bottle
Gassiness/ Fussiness
Poor weight Gain
Unable to keep Pacifier in
Clicking sounds while feeding
Falling asleep at the breast
Long periods of nursing
Discomfort while nursing
Stress & Fatigue
Mastitisis, Thrush, Blocked Ducts
Decreased/ low milk supply
Cracked/ Bleeding nipples
Sleep deprivation
Eating/ Digestive problems
Speech difficulties
Compensating habits
Predisposition to sleep disordered breathing
Oral hygiene difficulty
Gum/Periodontal problems
Orthodontics problems
Oral hygiene difficulty
Decreased social/ self-confidence
Sleep disordered breathing

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Infant and Mother

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Toddlers and Children

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Laser Lip Treatment

Precise Surgery
Quick, In-Office Procedure
No Need for General Anesthesia
Minimal Post-Op Surgical Pain/Swelling

First, a thorough in-office exam is performed by Dr. Kathy to diagnose the lip and/or tongue tie. Once diagnosed, we move into our private treatment room equipped with pocket doors that allow for maximum privacy. For infants, the baby is first swaddled and then brought back into our treatment room via personal car-seat, we ask that every infant arrives with personal car-seat in hand due to the fact we keep the baby in this while performing the procedure. Laser protective eye wear is placed over the eyes and a “before” photo will be taken of the area(s) being treated. Dr. Kathy will then administer a local anesthetic to the area(s) before utilizing the laser to release the overly-attached tissue(s). We will take an “after” photo of the area(s) before reviewing the proper stretching exercises to prevent re-attachment and promote proper healing of the area(s).

Lip and tongue tie

Post- Op

Following the procedure, it is vital that stretching exercises are done several times a day.

Dr. Kathy will demonstrate these exercises to you. This is very important to prevent the tissue from reattaching back to its original tie. Baby and mom will return to check their progress. Moms are encouraged to continue working with their lactation specialist.

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