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iTero Digital Scanner

iTero Digital Scanner

Digital scanning is the 21st century replacement for gooey impressions!

It is more accurate, faster, and more comfortable than traditional impressions. The iTero Element 2 is one of the most advanced digital scanners in dentistry today. It scans for crowns, implants, orthodontics, porcelain veneers, night guards, and more. Most importantly, the iTero is made by the same company that does Invisalign, so the scans are completely compatible with Invisalign.

Truly 21st century dentistry!

Many people ask us, what is “laser dentistry”? It is an amazing advancement in dentistry that allows us to use a laser for almost any procedure. We use the LightWalker laser from Fotona. It can do almost anything that a drill or scalpel can do, and some things they can’t! We can often repair cavities without having to numb you. It also makes oral surgery and dental implant surgery heal faster with less post op discomfort. The LightWalker laser treats gum disease without traditional gum surgery. The laser is also used to clean and disinfect the canal during root canal procedures. It also is the ONLY way that Dr. Kathy would use to treat an infant lip and tongue tie, as no other instrument produces the same results. The laser’s interaction with dental tissues provides optimal patient comfort, speed, and clinical outcomes.

We could not picture practicing without the LightWalker laser! You may ask, “Why do so few dentists have this technology?”. There are many reasons. Some don’t want to invest in the technology, as it is very expensive. Some don’t want to invest the time in learning new technologies and treatments. We are one of only a handful of offices in South Jersey that use this breakthrough technology. Now, beware, you will see many dentists advertise “laser dentistry”. Most of the time it is because they have a simple soft tissue laser that can only do very minor gum procedures. It is NOT the same as LightWalker laser dentistry!

Video Laser Testimonials

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Another amazing advancement in dentistry has been the 3D Cone Beam CT scan.

This allows us to generate a three dimensional view of anywhere from three to four teeth to almost your entire head. This information is vital for diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment for procedures such as implants, root canals, impacted teeth, and other surgical procedures. The Cone Beam scan also allows us to pre-plan your implant placement, and 3D print a guide to precisely place your implant into the ideal position.

3D X-Rays Amazing Technology!

Wand computerized anesthesia

The Wand Computerized Anesthesia

The hand syringe most dentists use has not really changed since the 1800s. But here at Dayspring Dental we use something different. Very different! It’s called The Wand, and it is a computer controlled anesthesia machine that makes the dreaded shot much more comfortable. Most patients comment how comfortable and easy it is, Come join us in the 21st century!

Root Canal Therapy

Digital X-rays

Extraoral x-rays are perfect for gaggers and people with small mouths! Regular check up films are taken without the sensor being placed in your mouth. Other types of extraoral x-rays focus mainly on the jaw and skull. These x-rays show impacted teeth, monitor growth & development of your jaws, and identify any potential problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

  • Digital x-rays use much less radiation than conventional film x-rays.
  • Digital x-rays allow us to use various image enhancers to improve diagnostic abilities.
  • Because the images are shown on a big screen, you can visualize and understand your dental issues. Patient education is paramount at Dayspring Dental!
Dr. Kathleen Bickel, D.M.D

Intraoral X-rays

Intraoral digital x-rays are used to help us find cavities, check for infections, and diagnose gum disease.

The digital format has several advantages:

  1. Digital x-rays use much less radiation than conventional film x-rays.
  2. Digital x-rays allow use various image enhancers to improve diagnostic abilities.
  3. Because the images are shown on a big screen, you can visualize and understand your dental issues. Patient education is paramount at Dayspring Dental!
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Software By Blue Sky Plan

Precise planning for ideal implant placement

Blue Sky Plan Software- In conjunction with the 3D Cone Beam CT scanner, this software allows for precise planning of dental implant placement. It allows us to spend time BEFORE your implant procedure planning for ideal positioning. Then, we design a guide for us to place the implant in the exact position we planned. The guide is then 3D printed prior to your implant appointment. This provides for the most ideal implant procedure possible. Think of it this way. Would you rather have:

  1. A long implant procedure to place an implant in an acceptable position.
  2. A short implant procedure to place in implant in the ideal position.

Blue Sky Plan allows us to choose “2” every time.

Intraoral cameras

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Intraoral cameras and big screen TVs are in every operatory. Our first job as dentists is to educate our patients. In fact, in Latin, “doctor” means teacher. And the best teacher is a picture. Our cameras allow us to take close up photos of your dental issues, and then put them up on the big screen. We can then explain the need for treatment in a way that is easy to understand.

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