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Treatment cost

The cost of treatment will vary depending on your individual needs and specific treatment plan.

We will discuss with you the cost of your treatment, estimated insurance payment (if applicable), and payment options available to you BEFORE beginning any treatment.

By doing this, our patients are able to make an informed decision rather than being surprised with a bill at the end of your appointment.

Payment options

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to smile with confidence and receive the most comprehensive dental care when you need it.

We accept cash, personal checks and the following methods of payment:

Dental Insurance FAQ

What is dental insurance?

It is basically a “discount coupon” towards your dental treatment. Unlike medical insurance, which truly “insures” against problems, dental insurance gives you a percentage off of your treatment, up to a very small yearly maximum. Medical insurance doesn’t pay for much until you have met your deductible, and then it pays for almost everything with NO maximum. Dental insurance runs the opposite, paying a fixed percentage until you hit a VERY low maximum, and then you are responsible for the rest. Those maximums also haven’t really changed since dental insurance began in the 1970’s. Most patients still have about a $1500 maximum, just like in 1975. Today, that would be worth nearly $6000!

Do you participate with any HMO or DMO plans?

No, these plans contract with a dentist to provide all or most dental services covered under that company in exchange for a fixed monthly payment per each covered individual. This payment is usually around $3 per month! So, it takes about 3 years for a dentist to get paid enough for ONE check up and cleaning visit! So, how does a dentist make money with these plans?
It’s simple. Don’t have patients come in for check ups or basic problems. Dentists who choose to participate in these plans have little incentive to notify patients for checkups or hope that patients come in only when something begins to hurt because the dentist makes more money if patients “don’t come in regularly.” There is a tendency to skip preventative procedures in exchange for more costly restorative options.
This is NOT how we believe in practicing dentistry!

Financing options

We work closely with CareCredit to help our patients afford necessary treatment.

Our office manager, Jen will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the necessary steps to getting you approved and on the way to best version of yourself!

Dental insurance

Having dental insurance can be a valuable tool to help make dental care and treatment more affordable to patients.

We participate with Delta Dental Premier and Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield Dental Option Plan.

We will help you utilize your dental insurance benefits from most other insurance companies as well.

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