Very often teeth are too badly damaged to be repaired with a filling. This is when a dental crown is needed.

When a tooth sustains a large fracture, is cracked, has a very large cavity, or needs a root canal, a crown is needed to repair the damage. There are two steps to a crown procedure. The first appointment consists of shaping the tooth to receive the crown, taking a digital scan of the tooth (no more gooey impressions), and making a temporary crown. The crown is then computer milled by a dental laboratory to precisely fit your tooth. At the second visit, the crown is then bonded to your tooth.

Dr. Kathleen Bickel, D.M.D

Straight teeth are healthy teeth!

Dr. Kathy is one of an elite group of general dentists who have completed advanced training in orthodontics. She treats every age from pre-teen to adults to straighten teeth and align their jaws. Why should you choose a general dentist for your braces rather than an orthodontist? Both will provide you with excellent care. But a properly trained general dentist will also be able to treat decay and gum problems at the same time as your orthodontics, saving you time.

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