Bone grafting

Bone Grafting

Healthy bone means healthy implants. It is very important to have enough bone to keep your implants healthy for many years to come. Whenever a tooth is removed, the healing process causes bone to shrink. So, we often have to perform a bone grafting procedure, because bone volume is very important when placing implants. There are basically two types of bone graft procedures:

  1. Socket preservation, where we graft at the time of your extraction to prevent/reduce shrinkage of the bone during the healing process.
  2. Ridge augmentation, where we try to get back what was lost during the healing process.

The main question patients ask about these procedures is “What kind of bone am I getting? Is this cadaver bone?” Here at Dayspring Dental, Dr. Matt does not place any cadaver bone, or animal bone. These materials don’t always become the same healthy, living bone as the rest of your jaw. Often they turn into a more brittle, “sclerotic bone” that can’t repair itself. We want our implants in healthy, normal bone that can respond to different forces and repair itself. That is why we only use synthetic bone grafts from SteinerBio. This material completely turns into normal, healthy bone in just a few months. Since it is synthetic, and not a human transplant, you can be completely confident that no disease transmission can occur. It is also FDA cleared for implant placement. We want the very best for our patients!

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