Often there is not enough bone height to place implants in the upper jaw.

When this occurs, it is necessary to do a sinus lift procedure.  Recent technological advancements in both the procedure itself, and the bone graft used have made this procedure much less invasive than it used to be.  Instead of a large, traumatic procedure, with a 6+ month waiting period before implants can be placed, it is now routine to place the implants at the same time as the lift, using a much less invasive procedure.  The sinus lift is very similar to simply inflating a balloon.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Matt was published in Dentaltown Magazine in March of 2018 with a case report of the simplified procedure he uses.  At Dayspring Dental, you can have the entire implant procedure, from sinus lift, to implant placement, to final crown done in one office, by one doctor.

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