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Many people ask us, what is “laser dentistry”? It is an amazing advancement in dentistry that allows us to use a laser for almost any procedure. We use the Waterlase iPlus from Biolase. It can do almost anything that a drill or scalpel can do, and some things they can’t! We can often repair cavities without having to numb you. It also makes oral surgery and dental implant surgery heal faster with less post op discomfort. The laser treats gum disease without traditional gum surgery. The laser is also used to clean and disinfect the canal during root canal procedures. It also is the ONLY way that Dr. Kathy would use to treat an infant lip and tongue tie, as no other instrument produces the same results.

We could not picture practicing without the iPlus laser! You may ask, “Why do so few dentists have this technology?”. There are many reasons. Some don’t want to invest in the technology, as it is very expensive. Some don’t want to invest the time in learning new technologies and treatments. We are one of only a handful of offices in South Jersey that use this breakthrough technology. Now, beware, you will see many dentists advertise “laser dentistry”. Most of the time it is because they have a simple soft tissue laser that can only do very minor gum procedures. It is NOT the same as Waterlase dentistry!

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