Dental sealants are a protective coating over the grooves in the molars.

Food and plaque get stuck in the grooves and can’t be cleaned out. Cavities start easily in these areas. We clean the grooves microscopically with the laser, and then bond the sealant (basically like a tiny filling) in the groove. Plaque and food can no longer get stuck and cause decay.

Dr. Kathleen Bickel, D.M.D

Straight teeth are healthy teeth!

Dr. Kathy is one of an elite group of general dentists who have completed advanced training in orthodontics. She treats every age from pre-teen to adults to straighten teeth and align their jaws. Why should you choose a general dentist for your braces rather than an orthodontist? Both will provide you with excellent care. But a properly trained general dentist will also be able to treat decay and gum problems at the same time as your orthodontics, saving you time.

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