You can straighten your teeth without braces!

Do you wish your teeth were straight, but don’t want to wear braces?  Invisalign is for you!  Through a series of clear plastic trays (aligners), your teeth are straightened over a period of 6 months to two years (depending on the severity of your case).  The aligners are comfortable to wear and virtually invisible.  The only thing your friends will notice is that your smile looks great!

A word of caution about “DIY” aligner companies like Smile Direct Club.  Orthodontics of any type without doctor supervision is dangerous.  Your bite can be irreparably changed, teeth can be damaged and lost.  Dr. Kathy has done extensive continuing education in orthodontics and Invisalign and supervision during treatment is of utmost importance to make sure your treatment is progressing properly.  As a matter of fact, part of the contract you sign with Smile Direct Club prohibits you from suing them if anything goes wrong!  It’s just too great of a risk to take.

Invisalign You can straighten your teeth without braces!

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